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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Why should we take engagement photos?

There are many reasons it is important to take engagement photography in Singapore once we make it official. As a couple who likely has never been photographed professionally before, the engagement session is one of the greatest services we and our fiancé can take advantage of prior to our wedding. Some couples may feel it is a waste of time or is not necessary, but there are many valuable reasons why we will benefit from utilizing this opportunity.

We will get to know our photographer

Once we have chosen our wedding photographer, set a date with them to get our engagement pictures taken. It is better to take them sooner rather than later, so we are not stressing to get them done when we are in full-on wedding planning mode. Establishing a relationship with our photographer before our wedding will make a difference in the outcome of our wedding photos. Spend about an hour or two getting to know our pro, listening to them, having fun with them, and then get photographed. They will take note of how we interact with each other, our individual personalities and even our quirks. These details will help them capture moments on the wedding day that is unique to just the two of us.

It will give us a chance to reconnect

Have our engagement photos taken at a location that has some meaning to the two of us? This could be the place we got engaged or where we had our first date, or it could be somewhere we both like to spend time or where we go to enjoy a shared interest. Some locations to consider: hometowns, the college where we met, a favorite restaurant or bar, a museum, the zoo, a movie theater or even our own home. Pick a significant spot and our images will mean more to us than if our photographer took us to the park and snapped a few pictures. We might also feel more at ease in an environment we are familiar with.

We will get to see professional photos of ourselves before the wedding

The advantage of seeing professional pictures before saying “we do” is we can let our photographer know ahead of time if there are shots or angles we do not care for, and we can point out shots we do like too. Remember, communication is key. Tip: Have our hair and makeup trial was done on the same day as our engagement session. This way, we get to see how it looks in photos and can let our stylists know if there is anything we would like to change. Once we see our engagement images and get excited about them, we will have more confidence in ourselves and in our photographer.

We will have nice photos to use pre-wedding

Once we have our engagement images, there are many things we can do with them. They can be given as gifts to family (our parents and grandparents would especially love a copy), or we can make ourselves a small album or order a portrait to hang in our home. We can also send an engagement picture to our hometown newspaper to announce our marriage, which can sometimes be important to our parents. The shots can also be used in our wedding program, wedding website or save-the-dates. If we do choose to self-publish our engagement images, get permission from our photographer.

Whatever we choose to do, go out with our photographer, get creative and have some fun. In the end, we are the ones who will benefit. Knowing and liking our vendors, especially the photographer, is significant in the success of our day and will help us focus on the real reason we are having a wedding in the first place—each other. To read more about Singapore wedding photography package price click here.

Smart Tips For Uncovering Venues

Considerations for Choosing Wedding Venues

Somebody you love or planning a wedding on your own can be a very exciting time. There are love and pleasure in the oxygen, alongside ideas of major white gowns, late-night dance and tall-tiered cakes. Planning to get a party this essential is just a large work that may take weeks. There are numerous choices to make from employing a caterer to choosing the best taste for that dessert. Knowing the best conditions when looking at wedding settings to think about can get off you about the right foot.

You will need in the first place spot. You can find wedding locations you merely need to recognize them. You can host the special day in perhaps a luxurious resort within the Caribbean, an estate, a renewed old theatre, or a public playground. These types of locations each suggest design or a style for that party. Select one that fits the lifestyle or character of the pair getting married. A park environment may be best if they’re every day, outdoorsy sorts who love to go hiking and camping. A classic theatre would be appreciated by a pair having a sparkle for that theatrical wherever they may be committed center-stage amidst shiny Hollywood-design glamor.

You have to think about the dimension of the marriage locations you have selected when you begin to zero in about the area. Learn how many people the location can seat for dinner. Here, a backyard venue has an advantage as how many platforms you will simply be limited by the number of tables and chairs you can rent. Older buildings normally have a definite limit on capacity. Individuals need space showcase their progress the dance floor, eat perfectly in a desk, and to move around. Don’t possibly consider wedding venues that’ll restrict the attendees’ ability to have a great time.

Another factor to look at are the accommodations you will end up offering. You would like to be certain the marriage spots you are taking a look at have overnight rooms in case you want to receive a lot of individuals from out-of-town. They ought to at least be within walking distance when the areas aren’t about the areas. Nobody will love closing of honoring having a DUI, an attractive evening.

Lastly, when it comes to wedding locations, you wish to try the meals. Individuals attend the special day to talk about within the party with friends and family. You need the meals to become delicious if you should be likely to supply your visitors. Helping a sizable meal withstand up to a take a seated supper along with hors d’oeuvres isn’t simple. You will want caterer who makes excellent food, but additionally, understands ways to get it towards the desk warm for several 200 individuals in the same period. Be sure before choosing the caterer to schedule a tasting and ask around about their support.