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Is Your Wife Older than You?

Marriage is a meeting up of not only two people, but rather two souls. Two souls, who adore, comprehend, care and regard each other. For a marriage to work, the first and most critical thing are that the reasoning and outlooks of the two individuals included matches each other. Nothing else is a choice. In any case, when we speak specifically about the Indian culture, this viewpoint itself takes the rearward sitting arrangement and different things like physical appearance and age turn into the leaders. In such a situation, notwithstanding considering getting hitched to a lady more established than you in age is a major no-no! Individuals tend to ridicule couples where the lady is the senior of the two. Gratefully, superstar couples like Abhi-Ash, where the spouse is the senior one, have softened myths up this respect. They have demonstrated that in the matter of hearts, age is no bar. Or maybe, with an elderly and develop spouse, you are certain to have a considerably more fruitful wedding life, than something else. Continuously give love and regard to this lady, who has had the boldness to remain against the standards set by the general public, just so she can go through her existence with you. There are, in any case, certain things that you ought to expect when you wed a lady senior than you. In this article, we address the same:

  • Love her for who she is: Your wife is elder to you, and hence much independent in taking her decisions. She is a strong woman, who has had the courage to go against the society and live life on her own terms. Don’t expect her to change after marriage and love and accept her for who she is.
  • Address her insecurities: There are bound to be certain insecurities that your wife faces, owing to the fact that she is elder to you in age. These may include her physical appearance and her physique amongst others. Moreover, the continuous rant of the social norms might affect her mental peace as well. Be mature enough to understand these problems she faces and talk them out in detail with her. This will surely build up her confidence.
  • Respect her decisions: an older wife is generally mature enough to take decisions for herself and family. Respect her decisions and thoughts. However, if you feel that the decision taken might have a negative effect on the family, sit down and talk it out with her.
  • Act like her husband, not a child: Just because your wife is elder to you does not mean that you start acting like a child. Every woman, no matter how old or young, is a romantic at heart, who thrives on the love of her husband. Be that man in her life, who loves her, cares for her and stands by her through all the ups and downs of life. Be her support system always.

There will always be someone or the other who will have opinions about you two as a couple when your wife is the elder one. However, what the others think about you should not affect the love you share as a couple. Enjoy a blessed life!